By Wendy Dessler
Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

By Wendy Dessler
Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

This is an exciting time of the year for weddings. Soon, fall colors will paint our landscapes and there will be a chill in the evening air. While fall colors are expected, bridesmaid dresses are dark, and chic. The bridesmaids are wearing black or navy lace bridesmaid dresses, while the bride is wearing white or ivory with a splash of dark color.


Brides having a more casual wedding or a barn wedding are usine yellow, sea green, and warm coral.

Bridal gown shock

The current trend for bridal gowns are very soft and silky. Her dress will have either a sheer lace top it will have a halter type collar. To get the shock factor with color, she may wear black or navy gloves that reach the elbow. She may choose a black veil or cape. Sometimes she will throw in a little extra color with shoes that coordinate with her bridal bouquet.



Bridesmaids dresses are all about layers of silky, shiny, or sheer fabric. The tops of the dresses are form fitting and layers begin at the waist and flow down. Depending on the dress, the layers can softly lay the length, or they can be fluffy sheer layers of tulle. Regardless, lace is a must. Full lace is best, but if that is just not your style, at least use a lace trim.


Stay away from the strapless gown or dress this year for bridesmaids. They are excellent for the bride, but the bridesmaids are wearing straps, one shoulder dresses, or cup sleeves. If you want a more daring look, scoop the back of the dress and keep the front modest and elegant.


The “bridesmaid choice” is big this year. Brides are going with bolder shoes and allowing bridesmaids to go bold with color is trending. You will not see extremely high heels. Bridesmaids are leaning more to a bright color to add some pop to the ensemble, with a heel less than 4” tall. Sexy, strappy, heels are the shoes of the year.



As mentioned you may see the trendy bridal cape fastened to the hair in lieu of the veil. The other option that is hot is the oversized floral halo. The bigger the blooms and the brighter the colors, the better. This works well with the oversized flower bouquets you will see brides carrying while bridesmaids carry smaller bouquets of full blooms.


The wedding flowers are huge, oversized bundles of fully bloomed flowers with much greenery. The flowers cover the hands and they have a lot of natural plant life, twigs, and ferns. The flowers can be placed on the tables in the reception area as a beautiful accessory. Donating the flowers to nursing homes is a nice touch too.


Wedding experts agree that these trends will carry through 2018. Dresses and flowers are already in the works for the fall season and winter orders for 2018 are leaning toward the same bold styles and colors. They are dramatic and striking with an understated sexiness.


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